Empowering Minds Unleashing Potential

Empowering Minds-Unleashing Potential

Empowering Minds-Unleashing Potential




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  • “Ashraf knows the subject of change very well. He is able to present his thinking in an easy to understand fashion using simple down to earth language. He is clear, does not fudge and is brutally frank in pushing the envelop for change.”

    Leadership Team, Bursa Malaysia
  • "Ashraf not only puts a mirror to show what is reflected but analyses the reflection(what is there) and reasoning(why). It’s like finding a long-ago stashed away cash that was always there lest you are not aware! We recommend every company irrespective of size and industry to go through his seemingly simple but explosive reality check.”

    John Lam
    CEO, BIB Insurance Brokers
  • “Ashraf’s track record in business transformation speaks for itself – his visionary team-building approach encourages ‘outside the box’ thinking resulting in truly innovative solutions whatever size of budget. There is no reward without risk and Ashraf always keeps a clear vision of both.”

    Simon Allen
    Marketing Campaign Manager , Dyson
  • “Ashraf is frank and in your face. He is very focussed and his work is simple and easy to follow. He is very interactive and yet reflective creating time to step back and think. The contents are highly appropriate for my work and I enjoyed every moment of it.”

    Consumer Banking
    Leadership Team, Maybank
  • “Ashraf is an incisive thinker who supports leaders to have new, deep insights into their actions and decisions, allowing them to generate new, cutting edge strategies that create relevance and profits in turbulent markets. A man of integrity and sharp wit Ashraf is a valuable strategic thinking partner”

    Roger Konopasek
    CEO and Owner, R.Kono International
  • “Ashraf is passionate about change in organization. He commits & immerse himself totally with the organization that he works for.”

    Kamil Aziz
    Chief Executive Officer, AIROD
  • “Ashraf is one of the best brains I have ever come across. His ability to “see what everyone sees but thinks what no one thinks” is second to none. Ashraf is also great fun to work with!”

    Gaurav Lahiri
    Partner, Hay Group India