Dr Mohamed Ashraf Iqbal – Founder & CEO

Dr. Mohamed Ashraf Iqbal is the strategy & performance expert in MindSpring. He expounds the view that the fastest, surest and most effective way to improve organisational performance is by getting people to think and act differently. As he says it, with the same people, same products, same technologies but a different way of thinking and acting can easily lift organisational performance by 30%. He has honed his methodology through a career spent fixing underperforming business units and organisations across a spectrum of roles, businesses and geographies producing results that speak for themselves. He says his career blessing was to learn how of fix businesses with no money; which forced him to focus on getting the best out of the people he had.   
In addition to MindSpring, he currently is an Independent Non-Executive Director of Bank Pembangunan Malaysia, Chairman of Pembangunan Leasing & Credit and a member of HSBC Amanah’s Shariah Committee.  Prior to this he spent 10 years on the board of HSBC Amanah, ending his stint as Chairman. He is a thought leader in Islamic Banking and sought after speaker and facilitator for Board and Senior Management programs within the Finance Industry.
Dr Ashraf holds a PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies, a Master’s in Business Administration and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.  He has also completed the Harvard Advance Management Program and University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Program

Dr Mohamed Qalib Daqane – Shari’ah Advisory

Dr Qalib holds a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence, an MS in Islamic Finance and a BS in Islamic Jurisprudence. Prior to coming to Malaysia, he was working for the Noble Quran and Sunnah Establishment of the Government of Sharjah and was Imam and Khatib by the UAE government. His PhD thesis focused on Shariah Issues in the remittance business.  


Dr Frances Penafort – Coaching

Dr Frances is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach, ICF Global Independent Review Board Member and Coach at Thunderbird Global Institute of Coaching. She was a past president of the Malaysian Chapter of the ICF. She supports Leaders to evoke the resourceful energy of their team so that they can achieve their stretched targets. She helps leaders to save their time, maintain a highly engaged and innovative team. Frances’ coaching areas:- Executive Leadership, Executive Performance, Talent Development, Managerial Skills Coaching, Behavioural Coaching. Frances holds a PhD, Master and BS in Accounting and describes herself as a catalyst of transformation to all her coaching clients.


Rahmah – Assessments  

Rahmah is a certified NLP Coach, a Licensed Administrator for Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a Certified Administrator for the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Test for Selection and Training (TST) and Certified administrator and coach for Hogan Assessments. She is also an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, UK.